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The first 3 plant based restaurants you have to visit in Phuket

Updated: Feb 17, 2022

You've just landed in Phuket. Of course you're excited to visit the world renowned beaches, do some sight seeing and relax with a cocktail, but first, FOOD! Save time scrolling for the best vegan restaurant (the last thing you want to do when hangry) and get yourself to one of these vegan must visits.

Soul Phuket, Karon Beach

As Soul Phuket regulars, we can very safely say that they consistently provide some of the best plant based food on the island. Soul Phuket offers an incredible vegan menu full of delicious and healthy dishes, with some vegetarian alternatives available. With every meal, you can see, and taste, the love and passion that has been put into making it.

Soul Phuket is a two minute walk (literally) from the stunning Karon Beach. From the right table, you can see the turquoise water whilst dining- bliss! We've really been enjoying working our way through the menu over the last few months, feasting on; creamy carbonara, tasty Thai dishes, breakfasts of champions and delicious desserts, but the one we keep coming back for... the white sauce vegan feta pizza. It's probably number one on the recommendation list, closely followed by the "nutella" pancakes. But seriously, whatever you fancy, you won't be disappointed.

Delicious food aside, which I rarely say, a huge reason we visit here so regularly is the Soul Phuket vibe that is guaranteed every time we go. It's an effortlessly feel good, calming space. Whether you eat a plant based diet or not, you'll feel revived after a visit to Soul, for anything from a 3 course feast to a coffee and cake to go. If it is cake you want, we highly recommend the 'healthy homemade "nutella" pie'.

Soul Phuket really is the full package. The ultimate combination of incredible food, a short stroll from the beach and people that have the most vibrant energy is really what makes it one of our favourites. But don't just take my word for it, see for yourself! Adelaide and her lovely staff will always welcome you.

P.S Super cute husky alert! Hey, Zimba!

@soulphuket @zimbasadventures

The Vegan Table, Phuket Old Town

Phuket Old Town is the closest thing to a 'bustling city vibe' you'll find on the island. You can easily get lost (like a fun, adventurous kind of lost but also literally lost) in Old Town's exciting labyrinth of shops, boutiques, cafes, bars and restaurants. There are hidden gems to be found around every corner, one of which, is The Vegan Table.

We will always think fondly of The Vegan Table as it actually was our safe haven up on landing in Phuket. Our first night on the island, exhilarated, but also incredibly overwhelmed that we'd just moved our lives to the other side of the world; we left the hotel in search of food (always the priority) and could not believe our luck as we turned a corner and saw The Vegan Table. *Sigh of relief* followed by *excited squeal*.

The Vegan Table really is impressive. We have visited many times and even on many occasions with friends who are not vegan, but love the food. From pizzas to pies, and pretty much everything in between, The Vegan Table work hard to constantly improve and perfect their menu, and because of that, they're award winning! Taking Best Plant-Based Restaurant, Best Plant-Based Burger and Best Plant-Based Thai Food at Root the Future Plant-Based Food Awards. A great spot to sit, relax, eat amazing food and get away from the busy streets of Phuket Town after a day of exploring.

The Vegan Table sets the plant based food bar very high. The food is fresh, homemade and, as their slogan states, 'revolutionary'. The Vegan Table also have an extensive selection of sauces and frozen plant based treats that you can buy to take away or order at home. We have a pretty constant supply of garlic mayo in our cupboard here at plantbasedphuket. And trust us, the frozen goods taste just as good heated up at home. So even if you fancy a cosy night in, you can rely on The Vegan Table.


Go Vegan, Rawai

Although it was very difficult to choose only 3, Go Vegan gets the third spot. At one point, we were rather obsessed with this cute vegan cafe (more specifically their Protein Power Soul Bowl) visiting or ordering take out more than once a week, every week. We just couldn't get enough! We've dialled it down a notch now but still thoroughly enjoy the hearty, healthy choices on Go Vegan's delicious and creative menu. Oh, and they have great cakes.

Go Vegan Cafe is located en route to some of the best beaches in the south of Phuket. So, if you're spending a day at Nai Harn or Ya Nui beach, be sure to stop in here on the way. Or even if you're not having a beach day, just go here any way, it's heavenly! And the cakes are so yummy!

Health is at the heart of Go Vegan Cafe, they're helping to lead the way in creating super healthy, delicious, sustainable vegan food. What's not to love? So if it's a fresh salad you're craving on a hot Phuket afternoon or a juicy burger after a day at the beach, Go Vegan Cafe has you covered. And did I mention they have really good cakes?


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