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An exclusive taste testing - new menu options at Soul

Updated: Mar 20, 2022

To say that we were ‘excited’ to taste test new menu ideas at Soul Phuket would be the understatement of the year. We were ecstatic! And we had good reason to be. Soul is already one of our favourite spots on the island for it’s fantastic location (just a short stroll to Karon Beach) and it’s delicious food. So, when Adelaide, the wonderful owner of Soul, invited plantbasedphuket to taste some exciting new food – we had to say yes!

Over the last few months, since Soul opened, we have been steadily working our way through the menu and finding our favourites (tasty Thai dishes like Koa Soi included) but there's still more to devour. So, before we taste tested their new dish, Adelaide and her team treated us to some of their most popular items on the menu, that we hadn’t yet had the pleasure of eating. We were amazed by the flavours and attention to detail in every dish served up, all unique and delicious.

To start with, one food that has really stood the test of time.. falafel.

Yes, it was excellent. Accompanied by beetroot hummus and plenty of dippable delights alongside, too. The hummus plate was a great sharing starter to get us warmed up.

Long live falafel and hummus!

Fresh Vietnamese Spring Rolls

If we’re being completely honest, fresh spring rolls are usually something we would side step on a menu, but, we are so glad that Soul showed us what we’ve been missing. The mango in these rolls, and the dipping sauce on the side, made them really very moreish indeed! Yum!

Chinese dumplings

Do you ever eat something new and it was so good that you find yourself still thinking about it days, even weeks, later - it's a real craving?! This is our situation with Soul's Chinese Dumplings. They are soft and fluffy parcels of flavoursome goodness! Order at your own risk, you will want more, all the time.

As you can imagine, we were already in plant based heaven after these insanely good starters, when out came the vegan bolognese pizza. We were not ready for how good this pizza is. And it's not just a mouth wateringly good pizza (our mouths are watering just thinking about it) it also comes with a side sauce, a vegan bearnaise side sauce, a vegan bearnaise side sauce that we wanted to fill litre pots with and take home to eat with everything.

These new (to us) dishes were all fantastic and are all highly recommended by us at plantbasedphuket, but next on our taste test adventure came the new surprise item that we most seriously do recommend:


Plant based


YES! We'd spent years searching high and low for some spectacular plant based sushi - had we finally found it? Well, we know how high the standards are at Soul so, yes, of course we had found it. But oh, how we were not disappointed!

Do you think the way they've prepared the aubergine looks like fish? We did! We couldn't believe it! When this sushi hits the menu, we will be ordering every time. In the past, when we have tried plant based sushi, we've found that it's dry and, let's be honest, boring. But Soul's new sushi, filled with tofu and homemade mayo and other crazy good flavours has changed the plant based sushi game from boring, to brilliant. Thank you!

To finish, yes it's not over yet, what other than a refreshing smoothie bowl to share. The 'Kiss Me' smoothie bowl of gorgeousness, including; mixed berries, banana, beetroot powder and homemade granola. The perfect end to a feast that far exceeded our already high expectations of what Soul has to offer. You must try for yourself.

During our taste test evening, it was a delight to sit with Adelaide and be inspired by her story, her passion and her aspirations for an exciting future. We were lucky to have time to chat, get to know her better and learn more about the amazing team that bring the heart and soul to Soul


You can read more about Soul Phuket in our blog 'The first three plant based restaurants you have to visit in Phuket' to find out more about our favourite dishes and why we're such big fans.

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