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Adopt don't shop - Lola's story

Updated: Mar 20, 2022

Lola was the first ever foster dog here at plantbasedphuket HQ. Rescuing her from the pound was a very overwhelming and traumatic experience. There were tears. There are just so many lost and abandoned dogs there, waiting to be saved.

*More info on how to support the Phuket Dog Pound at the end of this blog.

Actually having to pick out only one dog to rescue, knowing that the others get left behind, is, tough, we admit. But, the best thing about fostering dogs is that, when you've found one dog a new forever family, you can go back and rescue another. We can't really describe the all-consuming feeling of relief as you walk (or carry) a dog out of the pound - but we'll try.

When we reached Lola's cage, the 25 or so other dogs in there with her all came running to the fence jumping up, barking, licking, desperate to get out. But not Lola. She sat on the concrete floor over at the side, just watching. She really didn't look like she belonged in there, she wasn't as skinny and malnourished as the others. As this was our first time fostering, we thought it would be a good idea to take her and ease our way in to the fostering process.

*We later learnt that Lola was healthier than the other dogs because she'd recently had puppies and had been staying in the puppy enclosure, being watched more carefully by the staff whilst she gave birth and recovered. So, she hadn't actually been back in the dog enclosure for very long when we arrived - probably why she was sat by herself wondering what was happening to her, and her puppies. Her puppies were kept in the puppy enclosure away from her, she must have missed them so much.

What's the first thing you do when your new foster/rescue dog is out of the pound?

Walk them up and down on the lead for a little while so they don't toilet in your car.

A top tip we'll never forget! You're welcome!

After that, a quick check up at the vets on the way home. Lola, like all dogs in the pound was crawling with tics and needed help - and a good shower. Then she was at home (with her new iconic bandana) in no time. What a day, little pup!

It soon became very clear that Lola must have been a pet before, she was so well behaved through everything! Perhaps she was abandoned at the pound by her previous owners, or had gotten lost and mistaken for a stray. We still don't know, and probably never will.

It did take Lola a few days to stop hiding in the garden and being too scared to come back inside, to stop sitting under chairs and tables all day until food time and to stop looking nervous every time we walked by her. It was a lot of change to get used to. But day by day we started to see more of the real Lola as she began to feel safer and more confident. She was (and still is) such a little cutie! She was incredibly patient, calm and content around everyone who met her. However, she didn't get too many chances to meet new people whilst living with us... she was adopted in just one week! Still the plantbasedphuket record!

Now, Lola is forever free from a caged life of fear. She spends her days with her loving family, running round the garden and eating all the treats.

She has a home for life.

And that is why we foster dogs.

Find out more about what you can do to support the Phuket Dog Pound and foster, adopt or rescue dogs in Phuket:

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